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Looking for a solution to your
accommodation problem?

We have 4m diameter and 5m diameter fully furnished bell tents. They are made from 100% cotton and all furnishings are 100% organic. Right down to the mattresses.

The beauty about bell tents is that not only are they fitted with windows which have mosquito nets but when it's really hot you can roll the walls up and let the breeze pass through while you still have the protection of the roof. Plus there's no crawling into these tents with a centre pole 3m high you can easily walk straight in. It's really simple. You just need to let us know what size tent you would like and how many beds you would like in it.

Yes! Of course we can supply beds for children, let us know how many.
We recommend a maximum of 2 children with an adult couple in the 4m and up to 4 with an adult couple in the 5m.

With our bell tents you don't have to bring anything with you.
All linen and quilts are supplied and each tent will be set up and ready for your arrival. Just like a hotel.

“I’m 6’2” and have never liked camping much because I don’t sleep well. In a Bell Tente, I slept like a baby and I got dressed standing up. So I discovered Glamping Belle Tent style is for me and that’s just fine. Now where’s my porter?”

Floor Plans

Our 4 metre tents

1 x Double bed

2 x Single beds

1 x Double bed & 1 x single bed

1 x Double bed & 2 x single beds

3 x Single beds

Our 5 metre tents

1 x Double bed & 4 x single beds

3 x Double beds

4 x Single beds

Toilets & Showers

Relax in knowing that there will be no problems or comments about nasty smells with our stunning dry composting toilets. They come with a technician that will service them and make sure that they are cleaned regularly.

In the mens there are 2 urinals and one toilet. In the ladies there are 2 toilets.

All of the toilets are fitted with urine separators and have original sawdust dispensers unique to Belle Tente making you’re experience of composting toilets a far more pleasurable one.

We are having an increasing amount of people asking if we have showers. They should be ready for summer 2016 and you can guarantee that they will be done to a high standard.

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